With 25 plus years of experience within the automotive world has given us the knowledge and expertise to enable us to assist you not only with the sales or purchase of a car, but pre-purchase appraisal, restoration and also with tedious tasks such as importing, homologation, registration and insurance.

We thrive to ensure an outstanding service, always great quality cars and a perfect after sales experience.

We have also been heavily involved in motorsport and so can take care of your race car as well as provide a full bespoke service to go racing.

We can also assist with the storage and maintenance of your car, as well as provide you with an excellent valet and cleaning service.


Classic cars is our passion. We love classic cars in all their forms, types and years.

We are just as happy to look after and drive a 1969 2CV as a Porsche 2.7RS, a BMW E46 CSL or a Ferrari 360 NGT on track. We have had the chance and honour to drive, sell and look after many classics over the years and our expertise has grown through this journey that started in the early 90’s.

We buy classic cars for different reasons, but making sure we buy the right classic car will always be the key. Whether it be as an investment, to enjoy on the weekend or to even use as a daily, it will mean different things to different people, and that is why we listen to our clients and make sure we find the car that is right for them. It’s a unique process and the requirements of one aficionado are not always the same as for another. We are all unique as individuals and so it should be for our classic car(s).


Restoring a classic car can be a difficult, long and expensive process if it’s not done properly. But just as for most projects the key is in the research and preparation prior to starting the restoration process.

Knowing exactly what has to be done, how and where to source the parts is the key to a successful restoration.

This is where we will be able to differentiate ourselves from others in offering a full or partial restoration programme that fits your requirements and to make sure there are no surprises at the end of the restoration or build.

No one likes surprises and least of all us. From a simple re-spray to a full back to the bone restoration, there is no job we can’t handle.

Second Hand Cars

Thanks to our extensive network that spans the globe, we are able to find you the second hand car you need.

We always have a few cars in stock, and in partnership with our collaborators we will be able to offer you a wide selection of second hand cars including nearly new cars or demo vehicles with very few miles, at a discounted price.

All our cars are sold with a clear history, up to date maintenance and a minimum of 1 year guaranty. In many cases we will be able to offer 2 years.



Are you looking to sell but don’t have the time? Then let us take care of everything for you. We will take away the stress and hassle of selling a car in a simple and easy process for you.

We work in a fully transparent way and will always ensure that you get the best resale value for your car.


Our 25+ years of experience have led us to not only participate but also organise events worldwide. Motorsport events at various tracks in Europe, as well as car shows and organising Road Tours for Manufacturers.

Based in one the most attractive areas in the south of Europe we have some of the best roads and scenery any one could wish for. We tailor our road tour programs for individuals and groups and can provide various packages from a 1 day program to a complete 1 week program with visits of some of the most idyllic and famous towns in Spain.

There are endless possibilities and we would be glad to discuss these options with you in detail.